Thursday, March 21, 2019

Road Water Tanker

We manufacture and Supply Stainless Steel Road Water Tanker Manufacturers in different capacities of 2 KL onward depending upon Buyer's Requirement. We serve best quality products. Our storage tanks are featured with elliptical, dished, flat or conical head. Our storage tanks are highly durable and needs very less maintenance. Our storage tanks are designed to be durable and maintenance free. - In our vast range of products, we also bring forth a comprehensive range of Road Water Tanker Suppliers in varied capacities. These water tankers have been specifically designed & developed to be used in the agricultural sector. We have fabricated these water tankers using quality-tested raw material, and under the supervision of a team of diligent quality controllers. Further, to ascertain optimum quality standards, these Road Water Tank trailers are leak tested prior to their dispatch to the market.
The high quality range of agricultural machines and equipment made available by us are known in the market for quality attributes such as hassle free operation, sturdy construction, corrosion resistance and low maintenance. Our agricultural Road Water Tanker equipments are designed & developed with the aid of a team of proficient engineers and technological experts. Our qualitative products have helped us garner a rich clientele in markets across South America, South/West Europe and South-east Asia.

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Bulk Milk Chiller

Technomond Steel Industries is a trusted name when it comes to manufacturing, and supplying a wide range of Bulk Milk Chiller in India. Our milk equipment ranges from 200 litres to 10,000 litters. They feature to preserve the milk at the degrees of 4 Celsius. Thus, they can keep away all injurious bacteria and microorganisms that may contaminate the milk or destroy it. A Bulk Milk Cooling Machine. The built in tilt of the inner tank ensures that even the last drop of milk will eventually flow to the outlet. At the bottom, every milk cooling tank has a threaded outlet, usually including a valve. It consists temperature sensor. - Most tanks include an automatic cleaning system. Using hot and cold water, an acid and /or alkaline cleaning fluid, a pump and a spray lance will clean the inner Bulk Cooling Tank, ensuring a hygienic inner environment each time the tank is emptied. Control panel manages the cooling process by use of a thermostat. The user can turn the system on and off allow for extra and immediate stirring, start the cleaning routine, and reset the entire system in case of a failure. New and bigger Bulk Milk Chiller Manufacturers are being equipped with monitoring and alarm systems. These systems guard temperature of the milk inside the tank, check the functioning of the agitator, the cooling unit and temperature of the cleaning water.
So, if you’re a dairy farmer or run a hotel, you may require delivering the milk at collection centers. With our quality and guarantees Bulk Milk Cooling Machine, you’re able to store milk a favorable temperature that prevents spoilage.You will thus enjoy huge profits. Suppose, you can produce 1000 litres of milk every day. It is assured of you will reap a good profit since no micro-organisms will destroy the milk If you want to buy guaranteed and reliable Bulk Cooling Tank, give us a call or schedule a meeting with us to get complete information about our bulk milk cooling equipment.

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Bulk Milk Cooler Manufacturers

Owing to our wide distribution network and the fastest transit system, buyers can receive their orders on timely basis. In order to keep the products in safe condition during transit and handling, we meticulously pack them at our own packaging facility. Also, we make sure that the packaging material is sourced from the trusted vendors. We are backed by a modern transportation facility that ensures safe delivery of the orders at required destinations. The offered lot is in complete compliance with the industry standards thus, high in demand. Bulk Milk Cooler used for collection & preservation of fresh milk collected at the Farmer end in the Villages. Separate hermetic cooling with double compressor. Direct expansion milk cooler.

We are a prominent Exporter & Supplier of Bulk Milk Cooler Manufacturers. It is a direct expansion type cooler operated using imported Dimpled Jacket from UK & Warm Geared Agitator Motor. The range includes 1000 Liters in Circular Vertical / Horizontal Semi Cylindrical, 2000 Liters in the Horizontal Semi Cylindrical, 3000 Liters & 5000 Liters in Cylindrical shape. These Coolers are for installing at village Dairy Cooperative. We have installed all the requisite amenities, necessary for making safe side deliveries. Being a high-flying Supplier, we strive to deliver top-notch ss Bulk cooler to our esteemed patrons.

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Inline Milk Pasteurizer

Technomond Steel Industries is recognized among the special Skid Mounted Pasteurizer Exporters and Suppliers because of the best product quality, appreciated customer support and competitive market prices. Our clients can have faith in our products because they have already passed through many quality parameters. Give an email to discuss further requirements now. - The line for milk pasterization plant is skid-mounted. Pasteurization is the process in which all disease producing bacteria is destroyed from a food or a liquid, as well as 90-99 percent of all other bacteria that may affect product quality. Pasteurization works to kill bacteria with high heat, helping reduce the transmission of diseases such as typhoid fever, tuberculosis, scarlet fever, polio and dysentery. Because of this, pasteurization is the most important function of a milk plant. There are a few different methods of pasteurization, but we will cover two of the main types: vat. The Inline Milk Pasteurizer are available in different types of systems: HTST pasteurizing lines, super pasteurizing lines, UHT sterilizing lines. The lines are pre-assembled on platform and may be automatic or semi automatic.
Finding the right balance of heating and agitation is important to efficiently operate a Skid Mounted Pasteurizer. If the heating temperatures are too low, the milk product temperature will not raise quickly enough. If heating temperatures are too high, the milk product may “cook on” the heating surface. The speed of heating is affected by the ability of your agitator to keep the product moving to, and away from, the heating surface. However, simply speeding up your agitator will not necessarily give you the desired result. Agitators are designed for certain speeds and highly efficient agitators may require high heating water temperatures. Failure to balance the heating surface with your agitation type and speed can result in improper pasteurization. The control systems for Inline Milk Pasteurizer are equipped with PLC Siemens with supervision HMI (Human Machine Interface).

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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Batch Pasteurizer Machine

The dome top design starts at 200 gallons and is a good choice for larger batch sizes. Ideal when little access is needed before or after the pasteurization process. This design also works well with a Clean-in-Place CIP systems. Batch Pasteurizer Machine Manufacturers sometimes referred to as Batch Pasteurizers, Pasteurization Machines, Starter tanks or Processors are insulated, jacketed tanks. When used with a boiler and chilling system Batch Pasteurization will heat and cool almost any food, dairy, beverage or chemical products. The most common use for batch pasteurizers is in the dairy industry for milk pasteurization. - The batch pasteurizer is mounted on legs which can be tilted to empty the Batch completely. The machine is therefore equipped with a manual tipping mechanism; a pneumatic tipping mechanism is available on request. The Batch Pasteurizer Machine is used for the production of dairy products to pasteurize milk (stand pasteurization). The batch pasteurizer consists a triple-walled, insulated, stainless-steel Batch, with an overhead electrical stirring machine with a stirrer, motor redactor and stainless steel control panel. Please contact us if you want more information about the batch pasteurizer.

Batch pasteurization, also known as batch pasteurization or the holding method, heats every particle of milk or cream in properly designed and operated equipment, at 145°F (63°C) for 30 minutes*. If the fat content of the milk product is 10 percent or greater, or a total solids of 18% or greater, or if it contains added sweeteners, the specified temperature shall be increased by 5°F (3°C). Batch Pasteurizer Machine Suppliers helps destroy all disease-producing bacteria, as well as 90-99 percent of all other bacteria that may affect product quality. Because of this, pasteurization is the most important function of a milk plant.

During the holding period, the Batch must remain closed to prevent cooling from occurring during pasteurization. Proper Batch Pasteurizer Machine should have an airspace heater to keep the air above the product at or above 145°F. Airspace heaters also ensure the pasteurization of milk droplets that are splashed on the sides of the Batch and condensate on the inside of the Batch cover. The bottom and sides of the Batch must be insulated or jacketed to maintain proper temperatures during the holding period.
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Friday, August 3, 2018

Fuel Storage Tank

We are instrumental in making available Fuel Storage Tank. We design Stainless Steel Fuel Storage Tank using superior quality Mild Steel. The Stainless Steel Fuel Storage Tank that we offer finds its application in various industries owing to its unmatched quality and strength. We make Stainless Steel Fuel Storage Tanks available at reasonable prices. Known For Superior quality High corrosion resistance Durability Wide.
Our well-reckoned entity is earnestly engaged in offering Underground Fuel Storage Tank Manufacturers to the clients. We manufacture it under the visionary of adroit professionals in adherence to the set industrial standards and norms. We assure that our offered tank is leak-proof and corrosion-resistant. Our quality analysts meticulously examine it on various parameters before making the final shipment.
Our Industries is instrumental in manufacturing the high quality FuelStorage Tank Suppliers in New Delhi, India and World. We offer Petrol Tank Assemblies such as caps, knobs, etc. for Fuel Tank at very affordable prices. Our Fuel Storage Tanks is appreciated for its number
of features and cost-effectiveness. Clients can also give us specifications for the customization of Fuel Tank. - We are leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of Fuel Storage Tank 500 Ltr, 1000 Ltr, 5000 Ltr, 10000 Litre. Fuel Storage Tanks has the ability to outfit and horizontal or vertical.

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Friday, May 25, 2018

Butter Churn Machine

This Butter Churn Machine is used to agitate milk cream for making butter by churning process in food processing industries. This machine is designed with an opening gate to add butter and other additives to the processing product. The offered machine is mounted on a stand to keep it above from the ground and maintain the desired temperature. This machine is manufactured by utilizing good quality stainless steel and sophisticated technologies. Also, each machine is controlled by a panel that helps to adjust its functionality accordingly. This Butter Churn Machine performs processing operations smoothly with less power consumption.
Butter Churn Machine Manufacturers at home is hassle-free with this Electric Butter Churn. Put down the mason jar and give your arm a rest–this butter churn will do the work for you. From cream to butter in only 20 minutes and the motor does all the work! At this time this is the most affordable small scale electric Butter Churn Machine Suppliers we can find. That said, we wish there were better options in this price range and capacity available. We have found this product to not be of the best quality. We advise purchasing a spare agitator paddle as they tend to break. Use with smaller amounts of cream at a time to avoid straining the paddle. Bob-White Systems will only cover the replacement of one agitator paddle under warranty per customer. – We are Butter Churn Machine Manufacturers and Butter Churn Machine Suppliers in Delhi, India. Butter Churn has the ability to outfit and wide range of uniquely designed.

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